CPC GameDev Contest 2020


Double Sided Games is proud to sponsor the CPC GameDev Contest 2020 organized by the Facebook group “Amstrad CPC pour toujours and beyond!”.

Here’s your chance to create a new game for our beloved Amstrad CPC, win prizes and the see your project come to life in a nice premium boxed edition!

The games must be compatible with a “factory” Amstrad CPC (classic or plus), 128k max. Any project that would require external extensions (RAM or other), will be automatically disqualified.

Each beta game will be available for download to the public, who will have plenty of time to test it. Newer revisions of these games might become available as their development goes forward, until the deadline is reached.
ATTENTION, the games must be original titles, not carrying known licenses / copyrights, under penalty of exclusion.

Votes will then be opened to the public, through a survey, in the Facebook group “Amstrad CPC pour toujours and beyond!”
Everyone will be able to vote for their favorite game(s) for a full week.


1st place will get:

  • a working Amstrad CPC 6128 computer!
  • your game published by Double Sided Games as a boxed and digital editions (see note below)
  • a boxed copy of Athanor 1 (Amstrad CPC) or Athanor 2 (Amstrad CPC or Atari ST)
  • a one year subscription to the Retro Gamer Collection magazine (french)
  • one memo CPC AZERTY or QWERTY sticker

2nd place will get:

  • one set of 4 Amstrad themed coasters

3rd place will get:

  • one memo CPC AZERTY or QWERTY sticker

Dates and deadline

Registration are now open and will close on January 1st 2020 (01/01/2020) at 23:59 (GMT+1).
Final versions of the games have to be uploaded using a form on this website between January 2nd and March 31st, 2020 (31/03/2020) at 23:59 (GMT+1) at the most.
You’ll be able to upload several versions of the game until the deadline is reached. Only the latest version will be available for download.


Good luck to all of you! To register follow this link.

Many thanks to Ced Katalysth for the design of the competition banner and the APT&B logo !

Publishing with Double Sided Games

In order to meet the requirements for a commercial distribution, the winner(s)’s game will need to be upgraded and polished. Details of the trade agreement and requirements will be discussed directly with Double Sided Games.