halloween game dev competition 2019 poster

Halloween Game Dev Competition 2019

Phaze101, Commodore Creators, AMIGA Malta User Club, Commodore 64 Malta User Club and AMIGA Game Developers Facebook groups, in special collaboration with Double Sided Games, are pleased to announce the 2019 Halloween Game Dev Competition for Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga! The aim of the competition is to develop a Halloween-themed game for either of these platforms.

Competition Rules

  • The game can be any genre (shooter, beat em up, text adventure, platformer etc.) as long as it is Halloween-themed
  • Any programming language or game maker software may be used, including, but not limited to, Basic, AMOS Basic, Blitz Basic, C, Assembler, Red Pill, SEUCK, Backbone, GRAC, etc
  • Graphics and audio resources need not be original, but the source should be credited
  • The deadline is 23h59 (CET), October 31st 2019
  • Games for each platform will be judged separately according to a public poll.
  • For each target platform, a prize will be awarded to the game with most votes.
  • The game code or project should be open-source. The aim of the competition is to have fun and also share knowledge.
  • Creators may choose to team up to work together on a single game, however, please bear in mind that the first prize for each category is a game licensed to one user only
  • You need not register officially as a competitor, but it would be nice if you let us know. It would also be nice if you could share work in progress screenshots, but it is up to you. You don’t wish to give an advantage to the other competitors after all!

The prizes for the competition have been kindly sponsored by Double Sided Games.
The prize for the Best C64 game is a physical copy of “L’Abbaye Des Morts”, a charming platform game, set in the 13th Century.
The prize for the Best Amiga game is a physical copy of the upcoming “Black Dawn Rebirth”, an amazing dungeon crawler with sci-fi and paranormal elements.

The Winner of the 2019 Halloween Game Dev Competition is
Eric Hilaire with Get Witchy!