Hired Sword 2 (Atari ST)

You live in a world full of magic, monsters, and maidens.

As a mercenary, or a hired sword as you’re known in this world, you never worry for coin as the rich and poor alike are always in need of your services. Well, usually that is.

Turns out you squandered all your coin on women and libations, not for the first time and most certainly not the last! But this time you met a seductive elf with long flowing white hair that captured your interests, and although you hate to admit it, perhaps your heart?

However she’s nowhere to be found and thus yet another quest for adventure awaits!

The World of Hired Sword II

Team working on the project:

  • Roy Riggs (original idea and C64 version)
  • Mike Richmond (music and sound)
  • Simone Bernacchia (graphics)
  • Ten Chu (box art)

Main features of the game:

  • Top-down RPG
  • Racy storytelling
  • 20 maps to explore, including 9 dungeons
  • 36 types of monsters
  • Weapons and armour randomly generated (1000+ combinations)

Release date:

  • 2021