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The Shadows Of Sergoth for the Commodore Amiga is now available for pre-order

The long wait is finally over, you can now pre-order The Shadows Of Sergoth, a dungeon crawler for the Commodore Amiga with 2Mb of chip ram.

It is based on the 2018 Amstrad CPC 6128 game by Christophe Petit & Kukulcan.

Story takes place in a medieval fantasy world, in a little kingdom called Chrisandia, in the south of the Marak peninsula. It is not very densely populated and it makes a living from the fishery and the trading with the northern countries. Its actual king, Orlof VI the doughty, is a member of a long dynasty of kings distinguished themselves during the conquests of the era of ashes. During the wars against the evil emperor Sul Rakin, the kingdom demonstrated a great courage despite the losses. The events in the game take place five years after the fall of the emperor, in the year 351 of the era of crystal.

Pre-order the your boxed edition on floppy, today !

Release is planned for Nov 13, 2021 and shipping will start around the end of November.

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