Don’t Break The Balls

DBTB is an action / puzzle game for 1 or 2 players in co-operation or duel!

Controlling a fan, you need to blow the bubbles up and prevent them from bursting! Of course, the fan needs energy to work and needs to be recharged often by moving it to the sides of the screen.

The game will be available for the Commodore 64, in boxed cartridge, boxed floppy and digital format.

Team working on the project:

  • Emiliano Paglia (design and code)
  • Saul Cross (graphics, music and sound)
  • Ten Chu (box art)

Main features of the game:

  • Fast paced action / puzzle game
  • 30 levels
  • Two players duel and co-op
  • Joystick and paddles support!

Release date:

  • Q1 2021