Vegetables Deluxe

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A Match 3 game for the Commodore 64!

Vegetables Deluxe is an upgraded version of the popular Commodore 64 match 3 game featuring all-new full colour hi-resolution graphics.

The soundtrack now includes a choice of in-game music or sound effects, and the game code has been optimised to make it faster and more responsive.

Players can choose one of four game modes: casual, classic, shopping and – for the ultimate challenge – Countdown.

You’ll find yourself playing game after game as you try to beat your high score!


  • Hi-resolution Graphics
  • 4 game modes
  • PAL / NTSC compatible!

Game package contains: 

  • Cardboard Box (two different colours for the cart and floppy editions)
  • Cartridge or Floppy
  • Instruction Manual
  • C64 Digital version (D64 / PRG)
  • Free Bonus: the Amiga version (downloadable ADF included) !!

Additional information

Dimensions 21 × 21 × 4 cm

Digital, Floppy, Cartridge

3 reviews for Vegetables Deluxe

  1. rkb (verified owner)

    Casual and fun game. I got the cart version which makes it easy to pop in and go.

    Works with the U64, no problem!

  2. Greg

    Picked up a copy at World of Commodore 2019. Quite enjoyable. It’s like Bejeweled, but it’s for the breadbox. A pleasant game to pass some time and reconnect with your C64.

  3. honx (verified owner)

    nice match3 game for c64 and amiga, i purchased it last year while it still cost money. 😀
    i wish included amiga version had joystick support. i’d rather play it using joystick instead of mouse.

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