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Hired Sword 2 is now open for pre-orders!

Pre-orders are now open for our “racy” RPG for the Commodore 64, designed and programmed by Roy Riggs !

The game will be released and shipped on April 3rd, 2020. The digital edition will be available that same day.

5 thoughts on “Hired Sword 2 is now open for pre-orders!

  1. I made my preorder and look forward to the game. The boxart with the two sides is clever, the map looks great – but what’s that bizarre mountain with the red strips on top of it in the right corner? The map itself looks fantastic but that part seems totally unfitting, almost as if somebody opened MS Paint and thought it to be a good idea to draw some red lines on the map…

    1. Hi Alexander, thanks for your support!
      Just know that, as captioned on the picture of the map, it’s only a 3D rendition of what it would be. It’s not a real photo of the actual map!

      1. Ah ok, I understand, so the red lines are not part of the final product I guess? Thank you for the explanation. 🙂 Cloth maps are something I hold very dear in RPGs. By the way: I still mourn the fact that I missed the one together with the boxed version of Realms of Quest V. If I may ask: Is there another edition planned?

        1. There might be another ~very~ small run of RoQ5 in the near future, less than 15 boxes, but they won’t come with a coin included just the cloth map. Because of that, they will also be a bit cheaper than the original runs.

          1. That’s great to hear! Thanks!

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