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The Shadows Of Sergoth Amiga demo is now available !

The moment many of you have been waiting for is finally here !

Our upcoming dungeon crawler for the Amiga gets a demo to give you a taste of all the hard work that has been done by Colin, TenShu and Mike over the past 18 months.

Official release is expected for the end of the year/beginning of next with pre-orders opening in november. As usual boxed and digital editions will be available.

This demo contains the full first level but no hard disk installer or level editor, they will only be included with the final release.

To play the game you’ll need at least 1.5Mb of chip ram and preferably a 020 CPU, although it runs on a 68000 equipped Amiga. We strongly recommend to turn off movement animations in the options menu (before you start a game) if you’re playing on a 68000 or 68020.

Don’t forget that we are still in the testing phase of the game so this demo comes with no warranty regarding the bugs you could come across!

Please comment here or on the related social media post to let us know what you think of the game !

To download the demo, click here: Shadows Of Sergoth Amiga Demo (16076 downloads )

6 thoughts on “The Shadows Of Sergoth Amiga demo is now available !

  1. The demo is great. I love simply everything. Maybe the text in Story could scroll slower, it is not easy to catch.

  2. Hello. As far as I see the demo is distributed on ADF disk images. Any chance of an archive designated for HDD users? Thank you for answer.

  3. HDD-install would be great for machines equiped with HDDs .
    I like the demo so far only thing is I don’t know how to use the (arrow)-spell.

    Hope full game will have some kind of manual.

    Keep up the good work and stay healty.

  4. looks really good, i would prefer moving with arrows on keypad and holding the mouse for clicking.

  5. Great work! I am very appreciative of new games still being developed for the Amiga and having an option to buy a big box is amazing! Thanks for all the hard work and the great game! I cannot wait to buy a big box of the full game! Much love and respect to this team!

  6. It is AMAZING that we can buy high-quality games for the Amiga in 2021! I can’t wait to buy a boxed copy! Thank you to the team for helping to keep the Amiga alive!

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