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Realms Of Quest V version 1.2 is available !

Realms of Quest V - Map detailled

Ghislain de Blois, the developer of the game, has updated his RPG for the Commodore VIC-20 to version 1.2!

If you already bought the game, just log in “my account” and check out the “downloads” tab. 

Revision 1.2 changes

  • Added images to death slideshow sequence
  • Added 2 images for the “Dark Times” sequence
  • Added digitized map to “Castle Rivaria” sequence
  • Added additional images to “Civil War” sequence
  • Made the in-game Search Tablet chart easier to read (to match what appears on page 34 of the manual)
  • Changed “Acknowledgements” to “About This Game” to show a slideshow sequence about the features. Acknowledgements are listed at the end of the sequence.
  • The Allies menu allows you to view information about your companions directly from here
  • You can choose to view “alignment-sex-race-class” with runes symbols or 2-letter abbreviations
  • The number keys can be used to switch the player that you are currently looking at with the View command.
  • View Pic allows you to select additional player portraits to view when you are under this command
  • Exit keys can be used to go from “menu mode” to “movement mode”
  • A “Join” symbol appears next to the player when they have an ally.
  • The number of files that are loaded when the game boots have been reduced
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Black Dawn Rebirth version 1.1 available

Shaun Watters, the developer of the game, has updated it to version 1.1!

If you already bought the game, just log in “my account” and check out the “downloads” tab. 

Good news, the delays we’re experiencing with the floppy provider will give us the opportunity to make sure all the boxed editions currently being produced gets upgraded to version 1.1 as well!
As mentioned in our previous communication about this delay, shipping of the boxed editions should start around mid-december, including pre-orders.

Savegames from version 1.0 are compatible with the new version 1.1. You can copy them from the “BDR” subfolder. We recommend that you restart the game from the beginning though, to make sure you get the whole storyline 🙂

List of changes:

  • Fixed the glitch while turning left/right with the movement effect activated.
  • Added plot / story telling to many terminals spread out in the levels.