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Realms Of Quest V version 1.1 available

It’s patch day, Ghislain has updated his game to a new version 1.1!

If you already bought the game, just log in “my account” and head for the downloads tab.

Please note that the version 1.1 of the digital download package also contains an updated version of the manual that reflects the changes.

All flopppies sold with the batch 2 of the boxed edition (currently available for pre-order) will be written with version 1.1.

Savegames from version 1.0 are fully compatible with the new version 1.1. (you’ll find save files on the first side of floppy 1, they are called saveg1, saveg2, saveg3,…)

List of changes:

  • Lady Carmilla Bane’s portion of the tablet is now located in the centre
  • The village leaders now give you tangible clues on how to succeed in the game (instead of them saying “We saw orcs marauding in Samunda!”, they will say something quite useful like “Protection from Evil will raise the armor of your entire party during battle!”)
  • 3 magic spells have been modified (Fear, Mirror Image, Phantasmal Force)
  • Minor spelling and grammatical errors corrected
  • Several graphical slideshow sequences have been added to the “History And Lore” section of the main menu
  • A death image slideshow sequence has also been added
  • Various bug fixes and game balance modifications
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